Things I can't stop talking about - 4/14/19

Popovers! A preview of a recipe I made for my Easter blog post. This

Popovers! A preview of a recipe I made for my Easter blog post. This

I’m a few weeks behind on this one, so I have a lot of thoughts percolating. My mind is often on overdrive with a variety of disparate thoughts from the philosophical to the more trivial. So of course, I’m inviting you into the weeds with me. : ) Without further ado, here they are in no particular order.

One. This article, Creativity Beyond Crafting resonated with me.  It made me think about what I do on this blog, and how I love to create, but not necessarily in a traditional manner. I love menu planning, setting a welcoming table & sharing those ideas with others. And I really love collaborating with other creative people. For instance, when I put together a holiday blog post, I like pulling in my mom and friends with creative eyes to help me tweak & finesse. And I love working with my friend & photographer, Rachel, because she captures my ideas beautifully—much better than I can. What ways do you enjoy creating?

Two. All things Enneagram. A couple years ago, I was introduced to this book. Full disclosure—I’m a bit of a personality test junky. I enjoy them in part because I like learning how other people tick—and I’m always looking for ways to improve how I engage with the world at large.

Ironically, Brock, my husband—our career & household therapist and chief finds them a bit annoying. Mostly because he doesn’t like labels, and thinks that they lean towards putting people into a narrow box. But, after two years of incessant discussion, I got him on the Enneagram band wagon He appreciates that it’s a bit more complex (here’s your personality under stress, here’s what it looks like when you’re healthy, etc..). . At the very least it makes for great conversation, and this podcast is a good introduction. Recently, I also listened to episodes 124 & 125 from Donald Miller’s Storybrand podcast regarding your Enneagram personality in the workplace. Also interesting.

Three. Clothes shopping at Costco.  A few weeks back I bought these FILA joggers.  So comfy & affordable.  I needed something for when I’m justing cleaning/hanging around the house. Perfect! We also get most of my husband’s work pants there, and I last fall I found a really cute Ben Sherman coat that’s perfect for spring/fall.  Super affordable, stylish & convenient. Though I’m sure my 25 year old self might be rolling her eyes at me right now. Ha!

Four. Maybe it’s spring fever, but I’m thinking about cleaning. A number of years ago I was introduced to Basic H by Shaklee, and it has been my go to. It’s non-toxic and lasts FOREVER (I still have my first bottle from at least 7 years ago). It’s highly concentrated and you simply add a few drops to water. And it’s safe on my new bathroom quartz countertops so that makes me even happier. I also like their spray bottles because you can use one for windows, one for general cleaning and one for degreasing. I recently decided to try their scrubbing paste and Basic G for disinfecting. Finally, I also really love the Norwex cleaning cloths—in particular the window cloth. 

Five. Recently, Brock and I went to eat at The Chophouse in Ann Arbor, and they had the most delicious gluten free cheddar popovers (and I’m not a gluten free girl).  They were made with tapioca flour—after the meal I immediately started searching for a similar recipe. I found this one via King Arthur’s flour.  And stay tuned, I also made traditional popovers this week in preparation for Easter.

Finally, Things my favorite boys can’t stop talking about, and secretly, I’m pretty excited as well.

Six. The Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham, revamped defensive line…  12-1 odds that we’ll win the Super Bowl. And Jim Rome’s on board.

For non-Clevelanders, what you have to understand is the Browns haven’t been good since I was 13 years old. That’s 30 years ago. I was in seventh grade. Bernie Kosar was quarterback. My own son is 13. The two seasons before this past one, they had a 1-31 record!!!!! Possibly the worst stretch in professional sports history. To say there’s been a football drought in the land of Cleve is an understatement.  Wonders never cease.